Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DAVE: Since I don't have to wear the fancy pants that you do, lately, I've been getting the slim fit for jeans, cords, and chinos. I find them much more to my liking than what is considered the traditional cut these days. Those pants are much too baggy for my little matchstick legs.

FOCKER: I want you to know that I discovered my first gray eyebrow hair.

DAVE: So, is that a "no comment" on the subject of slim fit pants, then?

Dude, you're gray. I don't have any gray in my eyebrows, although there are plenty of other hairs doing some crazy ass shit. I trim those hairs with my beard trimmer. Gray Focker.

FOCKER: No, in fact, I strongly agree with you on slim fit pants, but you know, you always liked your pants slim back in college.

DAVE: I was just thinking the other day about how ridiculously baggy and oversized the jeans were in college. I always get the image of Mike B. in my head in his big ass jeans. The problem is, perhaps you've noticed, that if you want what used to pass for regular fit in college, you have to order in slim these days. And there are a lot of pants that you can't get in slim. Oh, well.

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