Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DAVE: Do you see enough of Hannah Storm to have an opinion about her looks? And her incredibly flat stomach.

JIM: Isn't she the one that people complain that she dresses inappropriately for her age? I think she's pretty hot, isn't she?

DAVE: I go back and forth. But her body for a woman her age is fantastic, if you're into the slim thing.

JIM: I trust your judgement on that.

Speaking of women who look good for their age, what's up on the Cindy front?

DAVE: Funny you should ask. She had said that after she got through the first week of school with her two boys, then we would set something up to meet for coffee. But I haven't heard from her. So, this morning, I emailed her just to coax her along.

JIM: Kids can keep you busy.

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