Friday, August 19, 2011

JIM: I see that a number of young Hollywood starlets are banding together to start a group against women having cosmetic surgery. I wonder how they will feel once they are not young any more and start getting those first wrinkles. Anyway, just by coincidence, I watched the movie Soul Surfer with my kids the other night (yeah, I know, but the Phillies were rained out). All of I could focus on through the whole movie was that Helen Hunt was barely recognizable. Wow did she get some bad plastic surgery.

DAVE: I haven't heard about that. It's all bullshit. EVERYBODY in Hollywood gets plastic surgery. I used to be in denial about some of my favorites, but I have come to accept that they all do it, and some of them go way too far. I haven't seen Helen Hunt, but I can only imagine how bad she looks. I see some women around here who have obviously had their face worked on. It looks terribly unnatural to me. I once dated a woman who had had some work done. She was gross, to be quite frank. I couldn't take her or her body seriously.

JIM: Don't you have to wonder what these people are thinking? I mean, they see everyone else who has had surgery and looks terrible. what makes them think it will turn out any different for them?

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