Monday, June 21, 2010

BP did it for us: Our choices make disasters inevitable in the pursuit of petroleum
The surge of crude into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is only a highly visible manifestation of a much larger societal problem, writes geologist DONALD GIBBON
Sunday, June 20, 2010

Murphy's Law, Version 11,983: If it can happen, it will.

The blowout on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico was absolutely predictable. It was bound to happen one day. Just as a single-hulled tanker was bound to end up on the rocks in Prince William Sound.

There is a fundamental reason these disasters happen: Our energy habits create demand for cheap liquid petroleum. To ensure we meet that demand, we elect politicians who allow unsafe practices. If we really valued safety, we would elect politicians who put in place and enforce safety regulations.

Instead, we as a society allow these disasters to happen ... so they do. And when they do, we cry piteously for someone to fix the problems they cause. We look for someone to blame -- other than ourselves. We long for the day when things will return to "normal" -- when we can go back to driving demand for oil into the danger zone.

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