Monday, July 25, 2011

DAVE: Rumor is that the Eagles are considering Brett Favre as a back-up to Vick. The motherfucker just will not go away. I hope the Eagles sign him.

JIM: How messed up is that?

I was driving home from the shore last night listening to ESPN radio and the guy on there said it's Favre's way of letting teams know that he's interested in playing this season again and seeing if there's a team out there who will give him a starting job. This guy was saying that Favre let it be floated out there that he's considering coming to Philly to be the back-up just to see if any team will call him and offer him a starting job. I also heard a rumor that he (or his peeps) called Seattle to see if they had any interest in signing him and Seattle didn't just politely decline, but pretty much said, "HELL NO!"

Hopefully, the entire league will say "HELL NO!". But, and I hate to say it, Philadelphia does make some sense. Andy Reid was Favre's QB coach in Green Bay at the start of his career and I would imagine still has a pretty good relationship with Favre. If the Eagles are really trading Kolb like everyone says, then they will desperately need a backup. I could see Reid calling Favre and asking him to come hold a clipboard for Michael Vick and make an easy couple of mil. And Favre might be thinking that chances are Vick will get injured at some point and he'll have a chance to play...

DAVE: I REALLY thought the Brett Favre saga was finally and mercifully over last season. The guy is a total egomaniacal nutjob who calls his own plays and doesn't do what's best for the team, but only what's best for him. I have absolutely no respect for Brett Favre, regardless of his accomplishments as a player.

JIM: I always tell people that I am one of those people they meet during their lifetime who never goes away (hence the way I've kept in contact with you, for example). but Brett Favre has me beat by a mile. I am an amateur compared to him.

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