Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DAVE: Beating the Braves is good for both the Phillies and the Pirates. If the Pirates can close the gap on the Braves for the Wild Card, then things will really get interesting for the rest of the season.

JIM: Walt Jockety says that the Pirates were a cute story for awhile, but they are not cute any more now.

I just spilled coffee on my computer keyboard. I don't deserve nice things.

DAVE: Some people on ESPN are calling the Pirates "America's team." It's a little premature for that. I love Clint Hurdle. I do. He is talking about going to a six-man rotation because most of the starters have not ever pitched an entire MLB season. It's brilliant. Correia is starting to show signs of fatigue. A six-man rotation during a pennant chase. That's awesome.

I guess that's why your loving wife and children took all of the iToys with them to Cape May.

JIM: America's team. that's funny. I do bet that they have a lot of people rooting for them though, at least in a casual kind of way.

How cool would it be if Detroit and Pittsburgh played in the World Series?

DAVE: Leyland versus the Pirates? Yeah, that would be a big series.

JIM: It could happen.

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