Friday, September 24, 2010

I received a job announcement in my email today. The job was working for a Green industry start-up, and the position announcement said, "This full-time position includes vacation and holiday pay and an insurance stipend." An insurance stipend? Is this the direction that we're headed as a knee jerk reaction to health care reform? Here's some money, now go find your own health insurance?! That will never work. Because Obama and his supposed Democratic allies in the Congress were unable to get the public option included in the law. So, where are people going to go to get private insurance with their insurance stipend? If they have pre-existing conditions, then they can't get insurance. THAT part of the law hasn't gone into effect yet for adults. Thankfully, as of yesterday, it did go into effect for children. Because insurance companies were denying coverage for children with illnesses. But health care reform made that illegal. Because we as human beings were not capable of seeing how uncivilized and inhumane is it to deny health coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. How can ANYONE be against that? Other than republicans and Jason Altmire.

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