Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DAVE: So, what do you think about an 18 game NFL season?

JIM: Asking for trouble. Aren't there enough injuries already? I mean, every year, to me at least, it seems that the teams that are lucky enough to stay healthy are the ones that make the playoffs, and then the healthiest out of those teams is the one that wins the Supe. Is that really the way it's supposed to be?

It seems to me that owners are being greedy, and they will probably get burned for it in the end, one way or another.

DAVE: Agreed. I am in favor of reducing the number of pre-season games from four to two, but I don't think those two games should be added as regular season games. But like everything else, it's about the money.

JIM: NFL owners, as a stereotypical whole, are (I think) very, very smart people. Or at least smart businesspeople. Is it possible that they see the glory years of the NFL coming to an end and this is their way of grabbing as much money as they can before the train wreck?

DAVE: That, my dear Mr. Blondie, sounds more like some cockamamie theory that I would come up with. I like the way you are thinking. And you may very well be right.

JIM: I'm just asking the question.

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