Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DAVE: Have you seen Jeff Fisher recently? He does not look good.

JIM: Can't say I've really paid that much attention to him. I have thought in the past though over the years that sometimes he looks like shit. I don't know. Maybe he just has his good days and his bad days. Or maybe the days he doesn't look good come after he spends all night in his office working or something.

DAVE: The Eagles have a different color of green for their uniforms every season. The Steelers never change their uniform.

JIM: No. I think they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the last time they won the NFL championship. So they wore retro uniforms and helmets. Probably just for this week. And so that they would have more stuff to sell, of course.

DAVE: Have you seen Andy Reid recently? He looks very fat.

JIM: What is this sudden fascination with NFL head coaches and their health?

Not everyone can rock a pair of Raybans the way Mike Tomlin does.

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