Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DAVE: Postal rates are going up again. Last increase was May 2009. That's why I always buy the Forever stamps. The Postal Service has got to be the worst run business in America.

JIM: It used to be so efficient and cost-effective too. Stamps were cheap and rarely went up in price and the Postal Service generated enough revenue on its own to sustain itself. I wonder what happened.

DAVE: Are you being sarcastic?

JIM: No. It wasn't really all that long ago that the Post Office was a totally self-sufficient government organization. Honest. I'm sure you could Google it with your high-speed internet access.

DAVE: That's what I thought. Actually, it was high-speed internet that killed the Post Office. And it is no longer a government organization. THAT may be the problem.

JIM: Maybe. It's probably not quite that simple though.

DAVE: No, but it is one of these companies with "antiquated" things known as pension plans. Those companies are not doing so hot these days. The City of Pittsburgh has a HUGE pension plan fund shortfall. So, the mayor raised parking rates.

JIM: Here, they are putting a tax on soda. Or "pop", as you would call it.

DAVE: I don't call it "pop." And our mayor proposed that, too.

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