Monday, November 28, 2011

DAVE: What did you text me? A dancing Elmo Thanksgiving turkey?

JIM: Happy Thanksgiving!

Actually, all I did was forward to you a text that someone sent me. And I have no idea who it was who sent it to me.

DAVE: Did your family end up having a nice day?

JIM: Yes. It was nice.

but then I did end up getting conned into having to go to wal-mart at 11:00 last night, if you can believe that. That was not a pleasant experience (and of course a complete waste of time).

DAVE: I have never wanted anything badly enough to go to a store on Thanksgiving night or Friday. I will pay the extra money to shop online.

And then have my credit card number stolen.

I've had a day to reflect on this, and I am still a little fuming.

West Virginia beats Pitt tonight.

JIM: Really going out on a limb there, huh?

I was supposed to go to the Pitt-Penn basketball game at the Palestra tonight (which is being played at the same time as the football game). A friend of mine called me a week or two ago and asked me if I wanted to go. I think he called me on a Thursday, maybe it was Wednesday. I don't know. I was on my way to a funeral when he called and I told him I would have to check my schedule and talk to my wife and get back to him in a couple days. I knew that Kathy was probably working today at some point, but it wasn't certain yet and I didn't know what time. He seemed cool with that. So I called him back over the weekend to tell him I'd go. He didn't answer his cell phone and then left me a message that he decided he couldn't wait so went out and got tickets without me.

So I guess I'll just sit here tonight and flip back and forth between both games. Of course, my daughter is having a friend stay over and my wife only works until 8:30, so I probably won't really have much of an opportunity to watch either. I've already been kicked off of the big TV in my den because my daughter has decided she needs to watch a movie on our iPad and have the iPad plugged into the TV and that is the only TV with an HDMI connection (I offered to rent them a movie from redbox so they could watch something they haven't seen, but they want to watch a movie they've already seen just so I can't enjoy the game.) So it's looks like I'm relegated to either the basement or my bedroom to watch Pitt. Until my wife gets home and then she'll probably insist that I'm not allowed to watch TV in either of those places.

DAVE: You make it all sound so glamorous.

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