Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DAVE: Someone on ESPN this morning suggested that Danica Patrick is beginning to get into Anna Kournakova land: all looks and marketing with little success. I agree with that assessment. I certainly don't give a fuck about auto racing, but yet I talk about her because of her looks. That's pretty much the way I used to talk about Anna Kournakova. Danica needs to win something.

JIM: I guess. I'm not always completely comfortable with that. She's been good enough to become one of the best in the world at her sport and a contender. If she never wins a race outright, I don't think it diminishes that. If she wins one race, then people will complain that she hasn't won two. If she wins two, they will complain that she hasn't won an overall championship (is there even such a thing in racing?). It will just go on and on.

Winning doesn't have to be the be all, end all. I'd like to think that competing counts for something. Dan Marino never won a Supe, but I still think he was a great quarterback.

DAVE: You like Danica Patrick.

JIM: I don't mind looking at Danica Patrick. I liked looking at Anna Kournikova too.

DAVE: No arguments here. I wonder what became of Anna Kournakova?

JIM: I heard something about her in the not too distant past. I don't remember what it was, I guess it must not have included a picture so it didn't stick in my mind.

Google her.

DAVE: I did quickly. She looks the same. Interestingly enough, I learned from Google that the retired Kournakova is 31. Meanwhile, Danica Patrick is 32.

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