Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Iowa restaurant ticketed for toad-licking chef
Aug 11, 7:03 PM EDT

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- An Iowa restaurant owner said he'll pay a fine after his head chef was videotaped kissing and licking toads in the kitchen. The Scott County Health Department reviewed the video Wednesday and called in the chef and owner of Osaka in Davenport to issue a $335 ticket. Food inspector Lindsay Gorishek said several violations were committed during the video.

On the tape, chef Christopher Turla is seen with two small toads on the prep table. He kisses the toads a few times, licks them, then stuffs them in his mouth.

Turla said it was meant as a joke. His brother videotaped the kitchen antics and posted them on YouTube.

Restaurant owner Yidi When said Turla is just a funny guy who needs some more training about restaurant sanitation.

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