Wednesday, October 17, 2012

JIM: I tried to make my first Skype call tonight. It showed my friend was online, but he didn't answer when I called. Are you on Skype?


JIM: Do you have a web camera on your computer? You should get one and get on Skype. So I can practice using some of this stuff that my kids know all about.

DAVE: Skype is for young people. You and I don't qualify.

JIM: No. Oovoo and FaceTime are for youngsters. Skype is for old heads like us.

DAVE: This homey don't play Skype.

JIM: What a waste of high-speed internet.

DAVE: I waste it everyday.

JIM: I feel like I waste so much.
DAVE: You probably do. Everyone does.

JIM: I guess so.

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