Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DAVE: No Hannah Storm this morning. So sad. I hate when they have two guys hosting Sportscenter.

I'm so glad the draft is over. Now, I just have to listen to them talk about the results of the draft for the next two months.

JIM: I did a pretty good job of avoiding the draft. I know that the Eagles first round pick was a defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox. And I think at some point they drafted a QB. But other than that, I know nothing. and I'm pretty happy about that.

DAVE: I know virtually nothing about the Steelers except that they took a couple of offensive linemen with their first two picks of the draft. Now, I just want it to go away and never come back.

JIM: I'm already reaching the point where I want this baseball season to go away and never come back. We'll get 'em next year!

DAVE: It's way too soon for that. For you, anyway. The Phillies can still get back into it. It's not like they're the Marlins.

JIM: You mean the Phillies that got two hits yesterday against the Cubs? The first batter of the game and the next-to-last batter of the game? The Phillies who just got smoked at home over the weekend by the Cubs, probably the worst team in the NL? Those Phillies?

DAVE: Yep. The baseball season is way too long to give up so soon. It's not like the football season, which you wanted to end early as well. The Nationals are not going to win that division. The Phillies just need to get Howard back (I don't think they really miss Utley in his condition), maybe make a trade, and then just plug away. They still have a better record than the offensive-less Pirates. And the Pirates don't have a Ryan Howard coming back. What they got is what they got.

JIM: I'm depressed. It is not fun to watch these Phillies.

DAVE: They are celebrating the 20th anniversary of what they call "The Slide" in Atlanta on June 9th with a bobblehead of a sliding Sid Bream.

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