Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DAVE: I'm watching the Peyton Manning press conference. Denver. I never thought the Broncos would pursue him, but they are a good fit for him.

JIM: I think Peyton probably went to the best team available that he could take over at quarterback for. He was looking for a good team that would give him a chance to get to the Super Bowl, or at least the playoffs. That's why he looked at the 49ers too. I never saw him playing in Miami. that was all just made up by the media I think.

Ultimately, Peyton Manning choosing a team ended up looking a lot like what Lebron did, only Peyton wasn't quite so obnoxious about it.

DAVE: Yeah, I was wrong about Miami. But you were way off with the Jets. As I said, it didn't occur to me that teams like the Broncos and the 49ers (both of whom made the playoffs with their QBs) would go after a 36-year-old. But I was wrong. I still can't believe the Broncos are dumping Tebow. The fucker made fantastic throws to beat the Steelers. He had the game of his life. But he sucked, otherwise. And they knew it.

JIM: Yes, the game he played after the Steelers win had to be one of the all-time worst playoff performances by a QB.

DAVE: That's why it hurts to have lost to him.

JIM: Ha ha.

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