Friday, January 6, 2012

The place where I presently work has a lot of very loyal customers who have been coming there for many years. Most of them live in the East End, my domain. Yesterday, my ninth grade Latin teacher came in with her daughter. Her son and I ran cross-country in ninth and tenth grade before my family moved to Toronto, thus changing the course of my life like a butterfly flapping its wings in South America. Instead of graduating high school as a top student and going off to college at Penn or Princeton, as was the plan, instead, I ended up spending two years out of school before I went to the University of Pittsburgh. A handful of bad things have happened to me in my life. Leaving Pittsburgh was just the first really big one. But not only did moving change my life for the worse, in many ways, it changed my life for the better, in many ways. I just need to remind myself of just exactly what those better things are. I'm trying to think of one right now.

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